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March 22 2012 5 22 /03 /March /2012 13:13
·        IMAGINE..if Animals & Insects had Facebook,these are most likely their Statuses
·        COACKROACH: They sprayed e room ystday.survived cause i was in his jacket. #living dangerously# ...
·        MOSQUITO: Daaaaamn! missed death by a whisker #she hit the wall lol *missed*#
·        COW: The stupid farmer touches my breasts everyday and turns me on... Only to disapear with a bucket of milk..nxaaaaa
·        DOG: I miss my dude..the neighbour locks hm in everyday, im so on HEAT it aint even funny. #me want sum#
·        DONKEY likes Dog's Status & COMMENTS: come to my crib got a fix for u *wink*") Dog DEACTIVATES her account!

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